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It is known that 60% of all businesses in the world are family-owned, moreover, 80% of all business in the Philippines are family-owned. However, of every 10 family-owned businesses started by the founders, only 3 will succeed to the 2nd generation and only 1 out of the 3 will succeed to the 3rd generation.

A good number of family corporations have started to realize the impact of these facts and have made the major decision of avoiding the high probability of failure in bringing the business down to the third generation.

Famcor Franchise Management & Executive Dev’t Corp. has made its mark as being the only consulting firm specializing on CRAFTING THE STRATEGIC ROADMAP FOR THE (FAMILY) BUSINESS FOR SUCCESSION, PROFESSIONALIZATION, COMPETITIVENESS AND GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE.

Famcor’s clients are family corporations engaged in various industries ranging from retailing companies to wholesale firms and manufacturing companies, food and general services, basic commodities and specialty products, training and professional services, academe and professional development, among others.

Companies who engage with Famcor are family corporations whose 3rd generation have started to get involved in the business, thus this implies that these are businesses that have been around for more than 10 years (even as long as 50 years in business) and the size of the businesses are in the multi-million to the billion peso levels.

Due to the sensitivity of the issues concerning the development of a family constitution, which are designed specifically for each family’s need, we totally respect the request of our clients for strict confidentially on their engagement with Famcor.

Some of the client companies though have given us their permission to include them in the list to show their appreciation to the impact of the services Famcor has extended in achieving the objectives of the family and their business as a whole.

Famcor Clients